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Focus Software Systems is a business solutions company. Moreover, it’s critically important to understand that we develop and implement solutions based on in-depth knowledge of what the impact will be on the business processes specific to your Company.

Such confidence comes only through experience. Testament to that experience is the fact that, for over twenty years, most of our customers have repeatedly benefited from our passion for solving complex business problems. In turn we remain loyal to these customers, adding further value to their businesses by developing and implementing software that meets their evolving commercial needs. They’ve profited from our knowledge about how business processes are meant to perform and specifically our ability to make theirs work to maximum effect.

The root of this capability lies in many years’ experience in formal accountancy and financial practice, with extensive exposure to the management problems that companies of all shapes and sizes face. Such a heritage is just as valuable to you as a new customer, since our consultants are as commercially adept as they are technically. For us, any solution has to address the precise needs of your business, taking into consideration the information structure and flow within your Company.


We develop software applications that enable you to solve business problems by making the most of your commercial information.