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A complete reporting solution
for your U2 environment the suite comprises:


Who can benefit from the Focus Reporting Suite?

  • Developers and system houses produce high quality U2 reports more quickly using industry-standard development tools and operating systems.

  • IT Staff decrease U2 programming and report maintenance time through flexible SQL data connectivity and extensive formatting options to deliver complete control over how the data is presented to your end users.

  • Executives and Management make better decisions and save costly analysis time by monitoring key performance indicators in real time.
  • Power Users increase productivity with straightforward customisation of reports that give the depth and breadth of information necessary to make real time mission-critical decisions.

  • Business Users avoid wasted time and frustration by receiving intuitive, relevant, and interactive reports that match your business needs.

  • Organisations serve your U2 database information faster and with better control over its delivery, maintaining standardised data and a “singular version of information” throughout the enterprise.


Focus Reporting Suite

In a rapid and changing world fear, uncertainty and doubt cause many companies to only trust their mission-critical systems to industry leaders such as IBM.

It’s reasoned that only this type of organisation can offer the security of a brand name, financial backing and wealth of the resources of a large company. A wise decision. Unfortunately there’s a catch. IBM’s no-compromise approach places time consuming and heavy demands upon IT departments when it comes to changing or creating even a simple process or report. This limits your ability to access important information.

However there’s no need to compromise, as the Focus Reporting Suite is a powerful toolkit that helps you design flexible, feature-rich reports for any UniData or UniVerse (U2) system.

Imagine, within a fraction of the time taken to create a basic report using Systembuilder or MITS, you could be enjoying the benefits of viewing your data interactively and in real time! You can even use the data to create charts, tables and other report objects in any Microsoft Office application. In fact, the Focus Reporting Suite can unlock your UniData or UniVerse system and allow it to power your intranet, website or corporate portal.